What People Are Saying About Light Therapy


We love our clients, and they love us!

After having abdominal surgery I decided to try Light Therapy. It was wonderful, I felt so good after, not only physically but mentally. To help with the healing process naturally is such a blessing. Thanks Debbie for taking good care of me.

Roxanne B.

I have gum disease, and heard that Light Therapy could help me have healthier gums. After receiving monthly light therapy treatments, I was so pleased to hear my periodontist tell me my measurements were much better! The only change I made to my oral healthcare was adding LLLT treatments. I am very pleased with the results.

Phil A.

“We have been using LLLT weekly during the colder seasons to promote healthy circulation to precariously fragile extremities. This past winter my daughter’s feet have been healthy and out of danger for skin breakdown. Overall – LLLT is awesome for relaxing the entire system which gives relief from multiple chronic pains.”


Mother of 26yo with Special Needs/medically fragile child

“There was no specific reason for LED Light Therapy except wanting to try it. It’s been about two years now and I keep returning because, when I leave, there’s a feeling of well-being. Also, any physical complaints there were, disappear or lessen over time. The calm atmosphere and foot massage help to create a healing experience.”

Sue S.


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